We’re in USA!!

Hi everyone! 

As you may know, me and M had planed a trip to San Francisco. Since we travel on standby-tickets we have to be prepared for a sudden change of plans. So was the case this time. The flight to San Francisco was fully booked last night so we had to look for other options. The result? We are in CHICAGO!
After a long flight and a long taxi drive, we have checked in at Hotel Felix, which we like a lot so far. We are way to tired to do anything productive today, so we just went to 7eleven to pick up some snacks and relax on the room. What we could see from the taxi windows it seems to be a very cool city. Can’t wait to explore it closer tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “We’re in USA!!

    • It really is! NYC is actually the plan for next trip to USA. We’re going to Madrid in October, but the November trip will be to New York :) Any good tips for a first time visitor?

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