What really happened 2015?

Hey guys!

The year of 2015 is running toward it’s end. As we sat down for our Christmas dinner last week my mother mentioned what an eventful year I’ve had. Personally I’ve been so caught up in it I don’t think I’ve really realized how much I’ve been through this year. It seems in place to look back at the goals and hops I set up last year and compare them to what really happened. You can read the full post here, but I’ll give a recap as we go.

Education – Last year I told you I was going to take up studies to become a makeup specialist. I had no plans where it would lead, I just wanted to do something for fun and to get some inspiration and motivation in life.

So, what did happen? I loved it! Even more than I thought I would. Not only did it give me some extra spark to life, it pushed me to things I wouldn’t even dream of before the year started. I decided to take an extra course to become a lash stylist. And one more to learn about tinting and shaping brows, while I was at it. I quit my job, got a place at a salon and started up my own company. I’ve been given the opportunity to work at a local fashion show, do bridal makeups and built up my little circle of returning clients as a lash stylist. I’ve also expanded my company by starting up a retailing and businesses developing cooperation with one of the biggest Aloe Vera companies in the world.

Home – Just a few days after the beginning of 2015 I found our dream apartment on the estate agent’s webpage. It was a tiny bit over our budget, but I couldn’t resist sending the link to Martin, who was in Amsterdam for work. As it was everything we wished for we decided to go to the open viewing anyway. My parents joined us and we all went looking for the faults, just to get ensured this wasn’t the right one. We couldn’t find them. The flat was just perfect. My parents thought the same and lent us the money we were missing to buy the apartment. The 28:th of April we got the keys to our first common home. We have our proper office, and I got my lovely makeup studio, where I’m also able to meet with clients for lash extensions or makeup consultations.

Travel – New York and Bahamas were on top of our list of travels this year. Since the circumstances changed a bit, with my new job and a more expensive flat, we had to make a few changes in our traveling plans as well. We stayed within Europe this year, and made a few shorter trips, in time and distance. 2015 took me and Martin to Berlin, Crete, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Paris and Madrid. And as the tradition goes, me and my sister took a trip to London as well.

Blog – I would say blogging is the point where I didn’t really come as far as I hoped. The only reason for this is that it has been too hard to find the time and energy for it. With everything that has been going on lately there hasn’t really been time to do every singel thing I want to do, and unfortunately blogging has been pushed to the side. I do miss it, and hope I can change it in 2016, but that’s for another post.

I wanted to make 2015 my year and I really think I did. I got rid of things that gave me too much bad energy and started taking control of my own life. It hasn’t been a complete walk in the park, but at least I know that I do all the hard work for myself now and not just because it’s expected from me.

My 2015

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