When everything happens at once

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My head is a real mess right now. There is so much going on I don’t know where to start.

Me and M found an appartment that we really want, and yesterday we brought my parents and sister to see it. They liked it too and saw all the opportunities that we did. We did think we would be the only ones there, but the estate agent had invited other potential buyers as well. Made us kind of nervous to see how big the interest was. We booked an appointment at the bank this morning to make sure we would get the loan we need. They said okay, so we placed an offer and now we just need to wait and see if they accept it. Probably won’t get any answers until the end of the week. It will be a constant stomach ache until we know. I don’t know how many times I’ve decorated that appartment in my head.

Tomorrow we’re going to Madrid, something that we’ve been looking forward to for months. What we didn’t plan was that Lufthansa would strike today and tomorrow, which means our flight is cancelled. In panic we booked new tickets last night, and today M has been trying to get the money back for the first tickets and make sure our tickets home are still valid, even though we will cancel the first tickets. Still not sure what will happen since no one could answer, and didn’t call back as promised. When he tried to call back they had closed their phone service. I like being spontaneous, but when things are planed and the time is limited I just want things to go as planed! But it will work out one way or another.

As this wasn’t enough to mess up a girl’s mind, I’ve also been thinking about education and there are things going on at work that I’m not sure what to think about. I really want to study to makeup specialist, but I need to know what happens with the appartment, and what happens at work so I know when it’s a good time to start. It’s just six weeks, and only one day in school, so I should be able to combine it with my job during the time. But still, need to fix that first! Why does everything always have to happen at the same time? It’s close to impossible to think clear at the moment! A good night’s sleep on that one?

See you soon, from another place in the world!













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