When reality becomes real

Today I woke up early. I noticed the sun and it felt like the perfect day for a long walk, some spring cleaning and opening up the windows to fill the house with fresh air. I was just going to sit down with some breakfast and write the last February favorites here. I opened up Facebook, not expecting anything interesting a Sunday morning, and was hit by horrifying news for me and my friends. I don’t want to get into what happened, but let’s just say things that only happens on TV or in newspapers gets real when it happens to someone you know. The energy I woke up with was suddenly gone. Instead of doing everything I had planned I’ve just stared in to the wall, trying to grab the reality.

I was planning a long post about the best thing about February. The trip to Thailand, where I had the most wonderful time with my sister, mother and Grandmother. Where I got to know relatives I didn’t know I had but grew to like a lot. I was going to write about all the awesome shopping and the delicious food. The fact that I got to meet real monkeys and enjoyed fantastic oil massages. I wanted to tell you about the trip of my life (so far). But today is not the right day to do that. I’m not emotionally there. If you want to read about the trip you can go back and find posts I wrote there and when I got home.

For now I leave you with lots of love. Take care of each other.

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