When the job becomes more than a job

Today I got off work early. I only worked for three hours, 9-12. We were starting a sale today, so I just went in to set up some sale signs, rearrange a bit and put some new price tags on. A whole lot of people were showing up at opening, so it was a good thing we were some extra staff. The week will be a lot busier, with long days but that’s great. Want to work as much as possible and save up money. I do like my job, so most of the time I don’t mind working at all.
Speaking of my job, I must tell you an absolutely wonderful story from last week. A woman came in, looking a bit lost, so I asked if there was anything I could do to help her. She seemed a bit nervous and told me she really needed new bras, but didn’t like trying them out. I took her measurements and picked out a few nice pieces and told her I would help her find something that fitted her. While I had her in the fitting rooms I found out that she had been sick in breast cancer and had gone through several surgeries. She didn’t recognize her body, and hadn’t been wearing proper underwear for a long time. We tried a whole lot and she was starting to relax more and more as we talked and. Suddenly she turned to me, all teared up, and said “I’m so glad I met you today. I was so anxious about this, but you made me feel beautiful. I don’t know when I last looked myself in the mirror and felt like that”. Still gives me goose bumps to think about it. Who knew selling underwear could make such an impact on peoples life?
After work today I took my sister out for a walk, in the beautiful spring weather. I even had to take my jacket of because it was too warm! I’ve been waiting for so long for this. We went to the little duck pond not to far from us and said hi to the ducks. Next time I’ll make sure to bring them something to eat. It still looks quite cold and wintery there since the trees hasn’t start to bloom yet. I was so happy when I found some lovely blue Scillas, as they are truly spring to me! 

11 thoughts on “When the job becomes more than a job

    • It’s amazing how something so little can turn into an important moment. Hope for the spring to stay now! Last time it started to sneak up on us it started snowing again in just a few days. <3

    • Thank you! It sure is great when you get that close to a stranger. I’m so glad she shared her appreciation and let me know what happened to her in there. xx

    • It surely was a boost. So much more inspiring to do a good job when someone shows appreciation, and when they do so in such a strong way, it’s just fantastic! xx

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