Chicago, we will be back!

Hi there!

Yesterday we got back from our little weekend in Chicago. Just in time to celebrate my birthday today. Woke up this morning to my family and boyfriend singing Happy Birthday (a Swedish version of it) and giving me some really lovely gifts. And my little dog was the center of attention as usual trying to help me open everything up. Oh, the disappointment when he realized there wasn’t anything for him to play with.

Anyway, Chicago. What a lovely city! Both me and M are in love with it and have promised each other we will go back sometime! We have a few more places on the list, so it might take a while, but we will be back! No doubt about it.

What we liked about it was that it was so cozy even though it’s so big. Also a big plus for how easy it was to get around by foot. Our hotel was at a very central location, so we could walk everywhere we wanted to go, except the airport and the Fashion Outlet of Chicago. And we loved the people! Everyone was so friendly, everywhere you went. In Sweden everyone is quite closed and private, but here people started talking by just the look from a stranger.

These two pictures are a  good example of what we loved about the city. In the level of sight it looked so nice and intimate, but when you looked up the town was rising to the sky. Pretty awesome! The highest building in our city felt kind of small compared to this town.

We went down to the pier to look at the city skyline, and happened to get there as the sun was setting. It was so beautiful! Had to take a selfie there, which we sent as a postcard to family and friends. Using an app from the Swedish Post, it arrived before we did! Very appreciated by the receivers.

Last day we had really lovely weather and we felt like we had reached our shopping budget, so we went to the Millennium Park to stroll around and watch the cool sculptures. I really enjoyed watching the modern art. Most places I’ve visited before is known for it’s old and close to antique architecture, and I love that, but this was something completely new and exiting in it’s own way.

During the week I will post more specific posts about the hotel, places we’ve visited and tourist tips that we learned during the trip. Stay posted if you’re interested in more about our Chicago trip!

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