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As I mentioned in the previous  post I didn’t just buy shoes the other day. I found a few more things than that, most of them in one of my favorite stores at the moment – Rituals. They opened up at our shopping center i November last year, so they are quite new to the team. First thing I love about Rituals is that you always feel so special when you’re in there. The employees are really helpful and you get offered a cup of tea when you get in. If you let them help you with what products to buy they always offer to show and demonstrate them. This time they demonstrated a salt scrub and followed up with a nice body cream. Them gently scrubbing my hand while I was drinking a cup of tea felt like a tiny spa treatment before work. 
I ended up with quite a big bag when I left the store, and products worth a lot more than I payed. This month our shopping center has collected offers from almost every store into an app. At Rituals you could get three items and pay for two.
I have used their fragrance sticks since the beginning of December, and I really love the fresh and clean smell. I bought the mini version, and it was starting to run low now. Since I had the great offer I decided to buy the big refill bottle. I’ll probably last all year with this one! I use the Lotus Secret with scent of white lotus and Yi Yi Ren
I have one of their salt scrubs already, but I really like it and thought that this was a great opportunity to stock up with one more. This time I went for Himalaya Wisdome with Holy Basil and Organic Fresh Mint. With that one I went for the Honey Touch Body Cream with Indian Rose and Himalaya Honey. This was the products she used on my hand and it smelled amazing all day and the hand got so soft. (The body cream was the product I got for free in the 3 for 2 offer)
Since I was buying other stuff I was offered to buy the Hammam Olive Secret Shower Paste with Refreshing Eucalyptus and Organic Olive to a reduced price. I already have the salt scrub in that series so I thought they would be good to use together. 
If you bought other things for over 400 SEK ($62 or £38) you got the Happy Mist for free. I did buy that much, so I did get the mist for free. It’s a fragrance mist is a light bed and body mist, so you can use it for pretty much everything since it doesn’t leave stains. So far I’ve only used to spray on the bed, and it smells heavenly on the pillows. 
Have you ever tried any of Rituals products? What are your thoughts! 
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  1. I’ve been wanting that body cream for ages, ever since I tried it out in the shop…I just cannot bring myself to buy another body lotion, I seem to have hundreds! x

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