Bling for spring

Hey there!

I was planning to buy an iPhone case in Thailand, but everyone I found that I liked was for 5/5s and I have a 4, so that didn’t happen. Good thing we have eBay, because you can pretty much find everything there. I found one quite similar to some of my favorites in Thailand, so I just had to get it. Yesterday it came with the mail, and I was more than happy with what it looks like.

It’s very springy and very blingy. You should see how it sparkles in life. It’s the perfect case for a five year old (or someone that just loves sparkles, like me) And it rattles when you shake it, so you can use it as an instrument if you shake it in pace with music. Yep, I’m easily entertained. Isn’t it lovely?

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February favorites

It’s time again! Another February favorite is coming up.

I really struggled when I was picking a bag in Thailand, but now I couldn’t be happier than with the one I ended up with. It has room for everything I need for work and everyday life, without being too big. Not to mention that I think it looks absolutely gorgeous.