February favorites

We’re almost through the week and only two favorites of the month remains. As yesterday neither of these two will be material things you can buy. So here we go;

Today’s favorite is this blog. It started in January and March is the best month so far regarding views and comments. But for me February was a big month for this blog. That’s when it and I got to know each other and started to meet on a, more or less, daily basis. It gives me more joy than I expected. It makes me appreciate small things even more. Like getting a new nail polish can be a whole post. Or the thrilling feeling of finding the year’s first ladybug. Or why not just a coffee outside the house. Having this blog makes me see, and want to share, the small beautiful things in life that I normally could have just walked by as if it was nothing.

So thank you all for reading, commenting and sharing this blog with me!

Blog hunt

Hey guys!

I’m looking for some new blogs to follow and I want your tips! Do you know of any blog that I shouldn’t miss out on? Don’t be shy to recommend your own – If you think it’s worth writing about it’s probably worth reading.

Hit me with your best shots!

Fresh start

Hi there!

I’m going to give this blog a new chanse, a fresh start. Everything from the past is removed and the future will fill a lot of blank pages. The language is changed. From the Swedish comfort zone, to English. The grammar might not always be perfect. Same for spelling. Still I’m comfident enough, thinking I will make myself understood. I see this blog as a way to practice my English skills and open up for readers all over the world. Where this will lead? I have no idea. Time will tell!

See you later!