GlossyBox December

Hi there,
I was starting to think they had forgotten about me this month, since I’ve seen people reviewing their boxes the whole week. When I got home yesterday and my sister’s box had arrived, but not mine, I nearly flipped! But as I went thorough the rest of the mail I found a note that they had been trying to deliver the box, but there was no room left in the post box. The rain was pouring down, so my mother was nice enough to drive me to the delivery point so I could pick it up.
I wouldn’t say this is the best box I’ve ever gotten, but I wasn’t disappointed either. For sure worth the money I would say. For me a different shade of the nail polish could have made it a jackpot! 
Burt’s Bees Lip Balm – I’ve actually never tried Burt’s Bees before. I did buy one of their lip balms to my sister when I was in Chicago, but I never got one for myself. (Don’t ask me why). Got this one with acai berries, that tastes lovely and feel very nice and smooth to the lips. I look forward to evaluate this lip balm with 100% natural ingredients further.
Bella Pierre Cosmetics Cosmetic Glitter – A glitter for body and face. I got mine in silver. I’ve gotten products from Bella Pierre before and been really happy with them, so I have high hope for this as well. Might be nice for a New Year’s makeup look!
BaByliss Hair donut – A hair donat with a push button for various hairstyles. I don’t know if I, or Martin, was the happiest about this one. He loves it when I wear my hair up, especially in a bun. I like that it was small to fit my thin hair and that it came with a string and some hair pins.
Make Up Store  Nail polish – I love Make Up Store. I love nail polish. The only downside is that it’s blue and that is a color I don’t use a lot on my nails, But it is a very beautiful shade, so I will for certain give it a go.
Sasco Aloe Vera Gel – They say Aloe Vera is supposed to be magic. I’m yet to discover that. I’ve been trying it once or twice, but never noticed that magic that they talk about. Will Sasco be able to change this?
Anthon Berg Dark chocolate stick with Chili, Honey and Almonds – This was a bonus, which is always a nice surprise. I haven’t tasted it yet, but is sounds delicious!

Glossybox November



After a week of running to the mail box everytime a car that could have been the mail man drove by, my November Glossybox finaly arrived. It was waiting for me when I got home from a crazy day at work, so it was perfect timing! And YES I was happy with the contant this time too!


Make Up Store Lipgloss Wand

Glossybox and Make Up Store is still giving away a full size product every month. I got the lipgloss in colour 381 Dahlia. It’s a nice pink shade with loads of beautiful shimmer. I’ve been really happ with the eye products, so I’m excited to try this one as well.


Model Co More Brows, Eyebrow Thickening gel

A brow gel is actually something I’ve been planing to buy, but always find other things that seems more fun at the moment. I think I will re-think that thought from now on. I gave it a try right away, and I really liked the result. I got the colour medium/dark and thought it would be too dark for me, but with a light hand it works perfect.


Hot Make Up Glitter Glam

This is a really glittery gel, that works just as good on the eyes as on the nails if you secure it with a top coat polish. The colour isn’t something I would pick myself, but I could see some cool Christmas inspired make up with this one. Look forward to give it a try.


Sumita Beauty Eye Shadow Pencil

A shimmery eyeliner in the colour Champagne. I think it’s a little dark for it’s name, but it does look fantastic! Neutral colours can never go wrong. It’s very nice and creamy and gives lovely pigment even with a light hand, which I really appreciate working on the eyes. This one has lots of potential to be a favorite!


L’occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

I’ve read lots of great reviews about products from L’occitane, but never tried them myself. I was actually planning to buy something at Woodbury in New York, but there was so much to chose from and I didn’t know where to start looking, so I endend up buying nothing. Now they have a new chance to convince me!

The hand cream is with shea butter, honey and almonds. That does sound like something for me!


That’s it for tonight. More New York posts are still to come, but when the box arrived today it jumped to the first place in the line.


Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about them? Let me know in the comments below.




Glossybox September

Hi everyone!

Yesterday the Glossybox of the moth arrived. It’s like Christmas every time. The theme of this box is Eyes. I loved the theme from the moment I heard about it. Eyes are my favorite part to focus on when I do my makeup. This is what I got in the box this month.

Garnier – The Miracle Cream

A face cream with an inovative color technology that’s supposed to fit all skin tones. It will hide fine lines and even the skintone.

Absolute New York – Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer

This is perfect for me! I’ve been in the need to buy a primer for a while, but I tend to forget about it everytime I go shopping. Thank you Glossybox for taking care of this task for me.

Monu – Warming ginger oil

A massage oil to build up the skins elasticity and keep it soft and smooth. Hope M will help me use this one after a long day at work!

Benefit Cosmetics – It’s Potent! Eye Cream

I’m excited to try another product from benefit. I know it’s a quite hyped brand, but last time I got to try a product from them I wasn’t really convinced. Hope this one gives them a jump up for me. It’s supposed to tone out darkness under the eyes, even fine lines and moisturise the eye area. Convince me you’re great, Benefit!

Make Up Store – Eyedust

I’ve always wanted to try products from Make Up Store, but it has been too hard for me to chose colours, and to expencive to buy plenty. In my box this month I got an eyedust in the colour Bamboo. It’s a very lovely green shade, and I already know this will be a big time favorite this fall. It’s very well pigmented and shimmery. Don’t be surprised if a make up using this one turns up on the blog, sooner rather than later.


The Body Shop – Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate

Make Up Store also offers make up consulting in one of their stores for me and a friend. Will see if I can find an opening for me and my sister to go to this one. Would be fun to see if they have something to say that I haven’t thought about.

Over all I’m very happy whit the box this month. Definitely one of my favorites so far.

Stay tuned, a few more posts about our trip to Chicago will be posted in the next few days.

Glossybox August


I got a new Glossybox the other day, and I must say I was really happy with the content this time. Since they were celebrating their birthday it was a more generous box than usual, and I’m not complaining.

Jelly Pong Pong Mascara – For me this is completely new. I’ve never heard about the brand before, so I’m excited to try. It’s a bit more expensive than mascaras I usually buy myself so I hope it’s good for that as well!

Model Co Bronzing Powder – Also a brand I haven’t tried before. Since I do have a few bronzing powders before I love the small package since it’s a perfect size for the handbag.

Anatomicals Face Mask – Deep cleansing and matting effect. Got one from the same brand in another box and was happy whit that. Hopefully this one will be as good.

The Body Shop Body Butter “Wild Argan Oil” – I LOVE body butters from The Body Shop and have several of them at home. This new one really smells like something I would buy myself. I like that it’s not as fruity as most of the ones I have at home. This one feels more like fall.

Makiash Lipcolour Pen – A new Swedish brand! And I must say LOVE LOVE LOVE. The colour is lovely, high pigmented and shiny. (Also like the fact that the name of my town is on the pen) I will use this one a lot this fall, and I will most defiantly check out their website for more products.


Thierry Mugler EdT “Angel” – I like bonuses, and I like the opportunity to try a perfume a few times before I buy it. This one is described to smell like chocolate, vanilla, mandarin and honey. I must honestly say that if I just smelled this by the bottle in a store I would put it back and walk away quickly. It didn’t speak to me at all. But I had already sprayed the test to my hand, and it is starting to grow on me. I will give that little test bottle a real try, with the right clothes and the right mood. Not to PJ’s and cozy alone time by the laptop.

Fleur de Santé Precious Skin Boost Anti-Aging Day Cream – I don’t think that the little test bag in this box will make any miracles, so I will probably not buy the whole thing from this. But the description says it contains rose quartz, and that sounds quite cool so I might at least read a bit more about it in the magazine.

That was all for today! See you again soon!


Hi everyone!

I made it! I managed to find some internet connection in the woods. I have the weekend off and decided to join my parents and go to our summer cabin. It’s so lovely to be here! Hopefully the weather is okay tomorrow so I can take some nice pictures. Would love to show my favorite place on earth!

I got an offer to try Glossybox to a reduced price, and I just had to jump on. I love surprises and I love trying new things, so it just seemed like the perfect thing for me. Today the first box showed up at my door, and it was a pleasant surprise! I will do decent reviews on the products later on, when I’ve tried them properly, so for now I’ll just let you know what was inside the box.

Lovely wrapping! So exciting! 
Look at all the lovely things I got! 

Panos Emporio Deospray A preview of the new deospray called Goldflower. “Romantic and elegant smell filled with florwes and fresh fruits” It sure smells amazing! 
Mitchell and Peach A body cream with honey and coconut. Yep! I’m in love with the smell of this one as well. Hope it’ll do a nice job too. 
Oriflame The ONE Power Shine Lipstick, Lustros Nude. The colour looks really nice and shimmery. Can’t wait to try it with a nice looking makeup.
Fleur de Santé Precious Skin Twinkle Eye Contour Cream. Perfect! I’ve been thinking I should get a new eye cream, but never got to it. Now I have a new one to try!

Models own Nail polish for a nail polish freak. Couldn’t be better. Hard to see the nice sparkles on this pictures. (Just noticed, it’s close to 1 A.M. It will do for now). Keep an eye out for the full review.

I think I got lucky this time. What do you think? Have you tried any of the products?

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