Thailand Shopping

Hey there!

So as you may have figured I did quite a lot of shopping in Thailand. I decided to make two Youtube-hauls, one for beauty products and one for clothes, shoes and such. I couldn’t show everything there, so I’m making this blog post as wall to show you everything else. What’s posted here is not in the videos and the things in the videos are not shown here, so make sure to watch all of them if you want to see everything.

I will make a post with links to the hauls as soon as they are uploaded on Youtube.

This is what my bed looked like when I spread everything out
All of my Maybelline Baby Lips. 80-90 Baht each
100 baht for all
1. 150 baht 2. 79 baht 3. Free gift 4. Free gift. 5. 199 baht 6. 69 baht

1. 59 baht 2.199 baht 3. 59 baht 4+5. 59 baht 6. 150 baht 7. 49 baht
8.199 baht 9. 44 baht 10+11. 49 baht 12. 60 baht
1. 60 baht 2. 45 baht 3. 120 baht 4. 200 baht 5. 60 baht
6. 25 baht/each 7. 90 baht
1. 45 baht 2. 159 baht 3. 60 baht. 4. 60 baht 5. 30 baht 6. 60 baht
7. 60 baht 8. 200 baht

1. 19 baht 2. 19 baht 3. Four for 100 baht 3. Two for 60 baht

1. 60 baht 2. 22 baht 3. 27 baht 4. 60 baht 5. 60 baht 6. 21 baht

The Family tree

One of the days me and my sister went strolling a bit. I don’t really know what made me see it, but there was a tiny store that caught my eye. It was called The Family Tree. (Which felt special since we were in Thailand to visit our relatives) I told my sister I wanted to have a look inside so we went in. Inside we found every thing from soaps to jewelry and mugs. We met an old lady, and an Englishman. The Englishman told us that everything in the store was handmade from local produced raw materials. Parts of the profits made along with donations from costumers were used to plant trees to help the environment.

We found some soaps that smelled really nice and smelled them  all. The Englishman approached us again, this time with a story about the soaps. These were made of three women that lost their homes and everything they owned in a big fire. They were taught how to make soaps and sell them to earn money to get back on track with their lives again. This story really touched me so I was happy to buy both soaps and a salt scrub from them. I paid a total of 500 baht, including a small donation for the tree planting.
Salt scrub Vanilla, Honey & Ginger. Soaps Cinnamon & Milk, Vanilla, Honey & Ginger, Peppermint & Lemon

The Nightmare Experience

One afternoon in Thailand me and my sister went to buy some snack and something to drink. Across the street from the supermarket we used to go to there was a 7 eleven, so we thought that we should check it out to see if we could find something new to try. When we got there we saw an adorable dog laying inside the door. There were a lot of dogs everywhere and they were extremely calm and nice, so I wasn’t even surprised to see it there. 

We looked around for a bit and found some Thai snack to try and tweezers that looked really good. When we turned to go to the cash desk the dog has gotten up. That’s when we noticed he was missing his left front leg. A guy in the store had picked up a long stick and started to poke the dog, and while doing it he was laughing. It wasn’t like he was trying to get it out of the store, but more like pushing it in. Me and my sister looked at each other and felt like there was something wrong. Then he started to hit the poor dog. There were a lot of girls in the store and they were laughing at his action. I really wanted to tell him to stop, but being in a different country, where they don’t understand what you’re saying, being numbered down I got to chocked and to scared to do something. We didn’t know about the culture and what was seen wrong and right there, and to get ourselves in to something we didn’t know seemed to be a bad idea. We just put our things down and left, giving him some murdering looks. Which just made him laugh even more.
When we got out of the store my sister broke down and cried for hours. I tried to hold back to be the strong one and try to convince us both that it was the right thing to do to leave. Even though I know both of us regrets not doing something more. 
My mother told our relatives that we visited about what happened. He was very chocked as well and said that he had never been in a place where people cared so much about the animals. All of the street dogs gets food and water from everyone that can help them. It was quite comforting to know that this isn’t happening very often, but it made me regret even more that I didn’t say anything.
Believe it or not, there is a happy ending to this story. A few days later we went to our supermarket again (we never went back to 7 eleven). We saw the dog laying in an open-air cafe, having food and water by his side, looking just fine. It was such a pain relieve to see him there. In my mind he’s staying there and never sets a foot on 7 eleven again, living happily ever after!

Home sweet home


This has been one of the longest days ever. The alarm clock rang at 4:45 this morning, but I had time to snooze for 30 minutes. We had arranged for a taxi to pick us up at the hotel LATEST 6:00 to get to the airport in time. After having the receptionist calling for the guy that should pick us up three times he finally arrived at 6:20.

The ride to Bangkok took about three hours. He was driving really fast to make up for the time we lost, but of course we had to fill up gasoline and have a few coffee stops on the way. We did arrive just in time for check in and running trough the airport to the right gate. Luckily the driver was used to Scandinavian tourists so he knew just were to drop us off. Thumbs up for us that could check in without overweight! It was really close!

The flight from Bangkok to Helsinki was delayed with 20 minutes and took about 11 hours I think. (I’m too tired to double check if my calculations are correct) This was probably the worst flight I’ve ever been on. There were a lot of kids and babies, so it was really noisy and a lot of screaming. The lady in front of me fell her seat as much as she could and laid there the whole time, so I had minimum space for my legs, and it felt like I had her in my lap. I don’t get claustrophobic easily, but this was really close to it. I managed to focus on two movies to make the time pass a little faster. Both Rio and 500 days of Summer was quite good.

Since the flight from Bangkok was delayed we really had do hurry in Helsinki. The boarding was already on the final call when we got out of the plane. Of course the security was annoyingly picky when we had to go through the control. Even though we went though the control in Bangkok, and couldn’t possibly get anything more on the plane that we weren’t allowed to bring, they emptied two of our bags completely. Just to find out there was nothing wrong!

From Helsinki to Copenhagen we had 1,5 more  hours to go. Would have wished for a calmer flight, but most of the kids were also flying to Copenhagen and now they were even more tired, and so was I!

When we got all our luggage we went out to the arrival hall and found Daddy waiting for us. He was kind enough to pick us up with the car so we didn’t have to take the train the last part of the way. The first stop on the way home was to drop of Grandma and say hi to Grandpa. We must have looked like zombies when we got there. At least I felt like one.

When that was done we got back into the car and drove the last 15 minutes of the trip. After about 20 hours trip and 12 days away from home it felt awesome to roll up on the driveway and see Max through the window and meet the happiest dog I’ve ever seen. Oh, what I’ve missed that little fellow! On the inside my brother was waiting for us with open arms and it was quite good to meet him as well (Hey, don’t tell him that).

Now, 23 hours after I got up this morning, I’ve left Thailand, spent an hour in Finland, arrived in Denmark and gotten home to Sweden. Can’t wait to get a long night’s sleep in my own bed, in my own room.


Reclaim of my laptop

Hello there!

The past few days Mum has been steeling my laptop to prepare for the big 3×70:th birthday party tonight, but now that that’s all done I’ve reclaimed, which I’m very happy about. I will share some of my stories from here, but I need to get some sleep before the party as well, so time will bring them to you. 
The day so far has been great. We got up really early to go on a boat trip. We had lunch on the boat, and did some fishing, but the main destination was Monkey Island. What an experience! When we got to the beach the monkeys were waiting for us. Our guide gave us fruit and vegetables to give to the cuties. Oh, the feeling when that tiny hands carefully took the fruits from mine. They were really comfortable with people and gladly jumped up on peoples backs. I want to build a little house there and live with them! 

Monkey Island

First day of shopping

Hi there!
Today was the first day of shopping for me and sis here in Hua hin. We went to the Market Village. We had lunch there yesterday, so we knew there were some things we wanted to have a look at. Before we went I had head that Thailand is cheap, but that things have become more expensive the past few years, so my expectations was cheap, but not too extremely cheap. But it’s insane! A few times we asked each other “Is this really right?” and some times we even asked for the price on marked things because we didn’t really believe in the price tag. 
This is a sneak peek of today’s shopping. I plan to do a summary, either in a blog post or as a Youtube video, when I get back home. So stay tuned if you want to see everything close up and know the prices (as far as I can remember then).

Feeling like a queen

Sawatii ka!

We got up quite early and got a really nice hotel breakfast. We had read some bad reviews from people not liking the buffet, so I said that I was happy with some toast and fresh fruit. When we came down to the restaurant there was every thing you could possible want. Fired rice, noodles, chicken soup, bacon, yogurt, cereals, different kinds of bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, juices… And two girls stand behind a stove and cooked eggs of your choice (scrambled, fried…) Double thumbs up for  that!

After breakfast it was time to check out the beach. Hua hin doesn’t really have the paradise beaches as Thailand is known for, but it’s great anyway! On the beach there are lot of salesmen (and women) wandering around, trying to sell their stuff and services. We spoiled ourselves with some manicure and pedicure. The woman doing it was really good at her thing and really friendly. While she was doing my hands she at one point touched my thigh and said: “White! Very white… Beautiful!” Can’t really say I’m white anymore. More like red. The sun is very aggressive, even though we try to sit in the shadow as much as possible.

After the beach we took a shower and went to try a massage. I went for the oil massage, since I know that the Thai massage is kind of hard-handed. The oil massage was wonderful! One hour, full body massage, for just 400 Baht. And the girl doing it was fantastic! Will probably go back and ask for her again. I’m feeling like a queen with all these treatments and the kind people.

Tomorrow me and my sister will probably have a shopping and pool day. I don’t want to expose my skin to much to the sun yet, so I don’t think the beach is  the best idea at the moment. Will give that a new chance when I’m not as red.

Hopefully I’ll be able to upload some pictures tomorrow.

See you soon!

The eagle has landed

We made it!

It was a very long trip, but finally we made it to Hua hin. The stop in Helsinki was really short, and to that point everything seemed to go fast, but then the long parts of the trip started. Helsinki-Bangkok took approximately nine hours. I watched a movie and a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory, but even that didn’t manage to entertain me for very long. I was really hoping to get some sleep but the Finnish guys behind me would never stop talking! One thing if you talk to the person next to you, but when you talk loud enough for everyone around you to hear, it drove me crazy! (Have in mind that I was really tired and that it isn’t to comfortable to sit in an airplane for that long. After the flight we had a two hour cab drive from Bangkok to Hua hin. They drive like crazy here!
Well here we met up with my grandmothers cousin and went to get something to eat. We ended up in one of the malls here, and let me tell you, from what I’ve seen so far it’s extremely cheap here and stuff looks good! No shopping jet though. We were way to tired for that! 
When we could check in at the hotel we all fell asleep immediately and slept for a few hours, so we didn’t get much done today. What we did do was to have some dinner and visit a supermarket. In my family we are fans of supermarkets abroad since there’s so much stuff we’ve never seen before.
Food here – awesome! Everything we’ve had so far is fantastic. Can’t wait for the next meal!
Short update today, bed is calling again! More adventures awaits for tomorrow.
Will try to upload pictures soon. The WiFi won’t allow it at the moment.