When the job becomes more than a job

Today I got off work early. I only worked for three hours, 9-12. We were starting a sale today, so I just went in to set up some sale signs, rearrange a bit and put some new price tags on. A whole lot of people were showing up at opening, so it was a good thing we were some extra staff. The week will be a lot busier, with long days but that’s great. Want to work as much as possible and save up money. I do like my job, so most of the time I don’t mind working at all.
Speaking of my job, I must tell you an absolutely wonderful story from last week. A woman came in, looking a bit lost, so I asked if there was anything I could do to help her. She seemed a bit nervous and told me she really needed new bras, but didn’t like trying them out. I took her measurements and picked out a few nice pieces and told her I would help her find something that fitted her. While I had her in the fitting rooms I found out that she had been sick in breast cancer and had gone through several surgeries. She didn’t recognize her body, and hadn’t been wearing proper underwear for a long time. We tried a whole lot and she was starting to relax more and more as we talked and. Suddenly she turned to me, all teared up, and said “I’m so glad I met you today. I was so anxious about this, but you made me feel beautiful. I don’t know when I last looked myself in the mirror and felt like that”. Still gives me goose bumps to think about it. Who knew selling underwear could make such an impact on peoples life?
After work today I took my sister out for a walk, in the beautiful spring weather. I even had to take my jacket of because it was too warm! I’ve been waiting for so long for this. We went to the little duck pond not to far from us and said hi to the ducks. Next time I’ll make sure to bring them something to eat. It still looks quite cold and wintery there since the trees hasn’t start to bloom yet. I was so happy when I found some lovely blue Scillas, as they are truly spring to me! 


Today I woke up early. I woke up with the sun shining in my face. I looked out the window and saw a blue sky. I smiled. I knew this day would be fantastic. Like a child on Christmas, when a long time’s wait is over. So full of expectations.

I got dressed, did my hair and makeup, made sure to have something to eat. Ran around the house not knowing what to do or how to channel my energy. I was watching my phone every minute, hoping to see time pass by quickly. As soon as I could I jumped on the bus in to town to meet my best friend. I almost ran to her apartment as soon as I got off the bus. When she opened the door we didn’t say anything. We just met each other’s smiles, that would go around our heads if we didn’t have ears to stop them. Beer was severed at the balcony, where we could sit in the sun (in just t-shirts) for the first time this spring. Soon, very soon, we would meet one of the most important days in our life.

We went downstairs, picked up the bikes and put the sunglasses on. Oh, how I’ve missed that ride through town to our second home. The arena of our beloved football team. For the first league game this season.

We went into the pub at the arena to meet some more friends before the game. We had a beer. We laughed. We talked. We sang. Keeping an eye on one of the other games in the league that was played right before ours.

This day had every potential to be perfect, but what happened next changed everything. It made our 3-0 victory seem unimportant in the end. It changed everything for every football supporter in Sweden that were celebrating the start of the season. I was planning to keep football away from this blog, but what happened today is impossible to just ignore.

The game we were watching before our’s was suddenly cancelled after supporters from the away team entered the field. They had just found out that a man of theirs died from injuries after an attack from supporters for the other team, and wanted to stop the game.

I don’t know the details. I guess no one really does at this time. But a man, father of four kids, was today so beaten up that he eventually died from the injuries. Why? Because he was wearing clothes in the “wrong” colours.

It’s crazy when something like this happens in a world you’re so involved in. I’ve visited places all over Sweden, and many places in Europe, doing just the same as he did. Wearing my team’s colours with pride. I hate to say it, but I’ll probably be more careful with that in the future. I don’t understand how something like this can happen! How it can get this far… It makes me so sad that something that is so uniting and festive like football usually is, gets hit by a tragedy like this.

Today I send all my love and support to the man’s family and friends. To all the supporters, players, leaders and everyone else involved with a team that today went across the country to celebrate the start of the season, and had to go all the way home with one man less.

Girls’ night in

Hey there! 
My parents are in our cabin this weekend and my brother moved down to the basement. Me and my sister took the opportunity to have a nice girls’ night in together and just spend the evening in the couch, watching TV and movies. (Right now we’re watching Smarter than a 5th grader, and I’m actually doing quite good) When I got home from work she had prepared dinner and desert, and I bought some snacks on the way. She made her own sushi, and holy smokes, it was good! For desert I was served raspberry and white chocolate pie with vanilla sauce. To. Die. For! Since we were having desert we decided just to have some vegetables and sour cream and onion dip as a night snack.
Love to just relax like this sometimes, and not be on the go all the time. 
How are you spending this Saturday night? 
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Spring time

Thank you for all the kind comments in the last few posts. Things have been quite hard for a few days, but today we got some good news from the hospital and because of that I feel like I can write it down. I don’t want to get deep into what happened, but a guy I know (we are not close, but we run into each other every now and then and have mutual friends) was a victim of attempted murder this weekend. He is put into artificial coma, but the doctors says the condition is now stable and no longer life threatening. They are also impressed with the progress so far, which can only be a good sign. I still keep all my fingers crossed and send all my prayers to him and his family.

As I mentioned yesterday this has made the head spin like crazy, and made me determined to appreciate things more while I have the chance to do so. The only thing we know about life is that sooner or later it has to end, and it’s up to ourselves to make the best of the time we’re lucky to get. Therefore, the rest of this post will be about what made me happy today!

  • The good news from the hospital (of course). Gives a bit more hope at this time!
  • Nice gifts from our suppliers to show they appreciate our hard work.
  • That I had the possibility to take some time to talk to an old lady that visited our store today. She really appreciated it and told me that I was an “adornment to the store”
  • That spring is here, it’s quite warm outside and I could dig my beloved sneakers out of the closet.
  • First ice cream of the year, outside by the little duck pond in the neighborhood.

Even when life is hard there are things to brighten our days. Imagine how great a good day can be if you see those small things then!

Finally they are back! 

Time for reflections

The past few days has been an emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes thing happens in life that makes you stop for a while. When things that seemed like a distant story suddenly becomes a close reality.

I took a long walk today, with loud music in my ears. That’s the best way for me to sort things out. I’ve been obsessed with the thought of what I should do now. What I can do. Today I realized I can’t do anything. I can’t do anything about what happened. I can’t do anything to change what will happen, but to hope for the best. But even if I can’t do anything, I can learn something. I can learn that life is fragile. That anything can happen, when you least expect it. And not only to you, but to people around you.

What I want to learn is to appreciate the small things in life more. To show people around me that I appreciate them, and care about them. To learn to chose my fights, and don’t put to much negative energy on things that doesn’t really matter in the end. And I want to affect people. I don’t know how yet, but I want to make a good difference in peoples life. I know I’ll find my way.

When reality becomes real

Today I woke up early. I noticed the sun and it felt like the perfect day for a long walk, some spring cleaning and opening up the windows to fill the house with fresh air. I was just going to sit down with some breakfast and write the last February favorites here. I opened up Facebook, not expecting anything interesting a Sunday morning, and was hit by horrifying news for me and my friends. I don’t want to get into what happened, but let’s just say things that only happens on TV or in newspapers gets real when it happens to someone you know. The energy I woke up with was suddenly gone. Instead of doing everything I had planned I’ve just stared in to the wall, trying to grab the reality.

I was planning a long post about the best thing about February. The trip to Thailand, where I had the most wonderful time with my sister, mother and Grandmother. Where I got to know relatives I didn’t know I had but grew to like a lot. I was going to write about all the awesome shopping and the delicious food. The fact that I got to meet real monkeys and enjoyed fantastic oil massages. I wanted to tell you about the trip of my life (so far). But today is not the right day to do that. I’m not emotionally there. If you want to read about the trip you can go back and find posts I wrote there and when I got home.

For now I leave you with lots of love. Take care of each other.

Blog night

Hi everyone!

I’m so happy to see some activity on this blog. I find new comments every now and then, and it’s so exciting to see that readers from all over the world is starting to pop up. Even if just for a short one time visit. I really appreciate that you take the time to stop by.

I’m from Sweden so obviously most of my interaction on social media is in Swedish. Since I would love to meet you all on other platforms as well I’ve opened up a Twitter account and an Instagram account connected to this blog. If you wish, I would love to hear from you there.

Twitter: lifeof_annas
Instagram: lifeofannas

Now I’ll take some time to edit photos and prepare some scheduled February favorites posts for this week. Tomorrow will bring work, and another work meeting in the evening. It sure gets a lot of those now. Feels like I have a new meeting to go to every time I post something on here.

Coffee time

Another wonderful day of spring. Or at least it was this morning, now it’s getting a bit gray again. Me and my sister planned to go to the gym this morning, but she wasn’t feeling very well so we settled for a walk instead. It ended up being two long walks, one by ourselves and one with the dog. Two hours of fresh air was a great start of the day.

After lunch it was still sunny outside so we brewed some coffee and sat outside for a while. Love the combination of sun and the smell of coffee. It really fells like spring to me.

Tonight it’s time for another meeting with work. Love the beginning of a new season when all the suppliers invites us to hear more abut their new products!

Sister looking fresh with orange spring nails