Review: Yves Rocher – Nail Polish Speaking colours

Hey guys!

If you read my blog post about my latest Glossybox, you might know that I got two nail polishes from Yves Rocher. Since I’m a big fan of nail polishes I was really happy, but the excitement was about two nice colours and a nail polish in general. Not did I know that I would write this post to let you all know a new love in my life.

Description of the product from Glossybox that followed the nail polish (my translation from Swedish)

High quality 5free nail polishes contains elemiharts, which gives high gloss and lasting quality. Comes in over 50 colours inspired by the endless botanical colour palette.



My first impressions

When I first saw the bottle I wasn’t overly excited. The colours were nice, but the packaging wasn’t thrilling when you just saw the two polishes in the box.

I chose to try the pink one first, 24. Rose Dalhia, and the first nice surprise was a wide, flat, brush that was really easy to work with. The colour got nice and even without struggle. The coverage was great too. I chose to go over with two coats, as I always do, but it looked quite good with just the first one. It dried quickly and it looks really nice and shiny even when it’s dry.

I also really liked the colour of Rose Dalhia. It’s a summery pink shade, but not too bright. This, to me, makes it feel like a more adult shade of hot pink.

Lasting quality

I’m allergic to chips. I can’t stand it when the nails are starting to look messy. Usually I can wear a polish 2-3 days before I have an urge to remove and repaint. This is the main reason I can go completely without nail polish in long periods. When I have a lot on my plate, I just find it too time consuming. With the Yves Rocher polishes, this is no longer an issue.

The picture bellow shows what my nails looked like after one week’s of use. It had only start to chip, and friends of mine, that aren’t as picky as me, could easily have gone at least a day or two more. I have never ever tried a nail polish that works this great for me.

yvesrocher one week


Final thoughts

I’m overly impressed by this nail polishes. I praised them to the skies at home for the high shine and impressing lating quality. It wasn’t too many days before Martin came home with a gift box with three more colours to a collection that will keep on growing. As I saw the five bottles together I started to like the packaging more as well. Even though it might look a bit boring with just one or two, a collection makes you realize they let the colours talk for themselves.

Another plus for me is the size of the bottles (5ml). I like that they aren’t too big. That way the prices can be kept lower and you can buy even more colours instead. There’s also a chance you’ll actually be able to use a whole bottle some day. And I don’t find it too small either, so you should be able to use it a fair amount of times before it’s time to replace.

I find the price very reasonable as well. 59 SEK/Bottle. (A little less than $7). For that price you get outstanding quality that I’ve yet to find among the more expensive brands.


From left to right; 34. Iris, 24. Rose Dalhia, 61. Bleu Nigelle, 53. Capucine, 106. Cerise Narcée

Have you tried these nail polishes? Did you like them? Do you have another favorite brand you’d like to share? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below.



Christmas Inspiration | Nail art

Hi there!

Just about one more week, then it’s time for my favorite season of the year! I’ve always loved Christmas, but the past few years I’ve been working crazy the weeks before and after, so the Christmas spirit hasn’t really been there as I wish it to be.

As you may know I used to suffer from panic attacks as I was younger, and with everything that has been going on in my life lately I haven’t been feeling very well. When I woke up in panic this Monday, and felt my heart beating in a rushing pace I decided to call the doctor. I know I’ve been stressed out for a while now, and I know my head and body well enough to know that this meant it was time for a break. The doctor put me on the sick list, and I won’t be going back to work until the 4:th of January. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, because in one way it feels like giving up, but I also know that it was the right thing to do and it will help me come back sooner.

Anyway, as I got a bit more time on my hands I’ve decided to go all in on Christmas. I will get my time to relax, and I have all the time I need to make nice wrappings, make candy and decorate for a lovely Christmas.

Today I’m going to show you my Christmas nail art. I found these lovely stickers from Allura in London this summer, and even though it wasn’t the right season I just couldn’t walk past them. Aren’t they lovely?

For this look I’ve used Chip Skip from OPI. This was something that I found in New York that is supposed to make the nail polish last longer. Really look forward to see if it works. As a base I’ve used Second Nail from Isadora, and as a topChina Glaze First and Last. Both colours are from China Glaze as well, and are defiantly my Christmas favorites, 182 Ruby Pumps and 1261 This is tree-mendous. Love all the sparkles in them!

So what do you think of my Rudolph nails? Let me know in the comments bellow! 
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First order from Feel Unique

A good thing about living in Europe is that you can order from companies in EU without paying extra duty fees (something you always have to be prepared for if you order from outside EU). About two weeks ago I placed an order from Feel Unique, since they are from the UK I didn’t think twice about it. What I didn’t know is that the Channel Islands are not included in this tax area (or whatever they call it) and that Feel Unique sends their orders from one of these islands. It was a not so pleasant surprise to get that yellow letter in the mail box telling me I had a parcel to pick up, among with a bill for tax and service charge. I paid less than 300 SEK ($46, £28) for my order, and the bill was for another 174 SEK ($27, £16). On top of this I got an e-mail saying they had 25% off the items I had ordered, just the day after I got the confirmation of dispatched order. I sure hope the products are worth the extra money!

The things I ordered was from Tanya Burr’s lips and nails. Two lip glosses and a nail polish for me, and a nail polish for my sister. I’m really excited to try these, since I’ve heard so much good about them. Besides I think Tanya is so lovely I would have needed to try them even if the reviews weren’t so good. I will write my own thoughts about them as soon as I’ve had time to try them properly. Soon it’s time to run off to work again. Just today and tomorrow left before I’ll have a few days off. Can’t wait!

Just to be clear, I’m not in any way dissatisfied with the service from Feel Unique, just the fact that I was so unlucky in this case. All though I think it would be great if they stated their location a bit clearer in the shipping details. I can not be the only one who has experienced this.

Lip glosses in Picnic in the Park and Aurora
Nail Polish in Mini Marshmallow

Patterns and colours

Soon time to go to work. I only work three hours, which is quite nice. Almost the whole day to do something else, and get double payed since it’s Sunday so it does some difference on the pay check. Think I might drag my mother to a furniture shop after work. I want to buy another shoe shelf and maybe a drawer to organize my makeup a bit better. We’ll see about that.

Today I go for a simple black outfit, matching it with patterned tights and bright orange nails. The tights are from Twilfit (not from this season, but we do have quite similar now as well so they will work). the Nail polish is from Xantier, one of the brands I found in Thailand. The ring was a Christmas gift (maybe 2012) from my sister, so I don’t know where it’s from.

Enjoy the day and I might be back tonight!

Gina Tricot Nail Polish

I’ve finally tried the nail polish I got the other day. I really like how it looks, but I must say it wasn’t easy to get it there. The brush tends to swipe of the dots so it was quite a challenge to make them stay. Since the dots are swiped away when you try to even the polish the layers get kind of thick. This means it takes forever to dry!

Basically, this is not an everyday polish. But with some time an patience it’s not to bad!

What do you think? Good enough to accept the challenge every now and then?

I would say YES!

Kicks Sugar Lacquer

One of Sweden’s biggest cosmetic companies has a store right next to where I work. Not surprising that I end up paying them a visit if I have some spare time on a break.

As you may have noticed I’m a big fan of Isadora’s Sugar Nails collections. At least my boss has. The other day she asked me if it was the Kicks Sugar Lacquer I used. Guess you know the rest. I had to run in there.

Somehow I had missed that they made these kind of polishes in their own brand. Quite hard to see though since you can’t really see the texture from the bottle. Guess I hadn’t read the text carefully enough.

Of course I had to try one of them, and my pick fell on a beige one. Even tough I love colors, that’s not always the most wearable ones to my clothes. Therefor I was really happy to find a neutral polish with texture. Also like the fact that is a local brand.

Isn’t it lovely?

Kicks Sugar Lacquer in color Desert Storm

New Sugar Nails by Isadora

Working at a shopping center means loads of risk of impulse shopping. Some better than others. While I was waiting for the bus this Friday I stopped by at Cubus and found the new Spring colors on Isadora’s Sugar Nails collection. I could just not help myself from buying one of them and my choice fell on the green one. It reminds me of pear ice cream and just feels spring all the way for me! Isn’t it beautiful? 

Isadora Sugar Nails in color 133 Macaron

Xantier nail polish

The last brand of nail polish that I got in Thailand was Xantier. I got a few colours of every brand, but most of them were really summery and will probably have to wait in that cute cabin for yet a few weeks. With this one I have tried all the brands though, with was my first priority. 

Love the colour of this one. It’s good for spring, but it’s not too much colour, which is a good option for work. Two coats made the trick and I think it looks really beautiful. Both the other brands lasted quite long, so I really look forward to see how this works out. 

Nail polish storage

When we were out walking today we stopped by at a supermarket close to where we live to buy some eggs. The thing I like the most about this little store is that from time to time they get quite fun things, it can be anything from cell phones to interior.

I’ve been thinking about a better way to store my nail polishes than the big glass bowl I’ve had for the past year. I think it looks pretty to have them there, but it’s usually impossible to find the colour you’re looking for without emptying the whole bowl. (Also I tend to forget which shades I have since I don’t really see them)
When we got in to the store I found this cabinet that was just calling my name and saying “Please take me home! I’m made to take good care of your little babies”. It wasn’t like I had any choice to take it under my arm and carry it home.
I only wish there were one more shelf so there would be more space, but at least I could get two lines of polishes on every shelf. There are still some more space next to this cabinet where I can put the stands I bought in Thailand. Think I might use them for my most used shades at the moment.

Na Na Nail polish

The Na Na Nail Polish was the cheapest brand of the polishes I bought in Thailand. This was only 19 baht, which is close to nothing compared to Swedish budget prices. My expectations for this was never really high, I just went for some cool colors to try it out. The Sheene polish that I showed a few days ago was really impressive though (price 30 baht), so now I hope this one can be as well. The Sheene lasted for five days, and I could have worn it for at least one or two more days if I wasn’t so eager to try the other ones that I got.

First impression of Na Na is good. Two layers made good coverage and it dried quickly. Time will tell how long it lasts. As usual I used it with China Glaze First & Last coat.