Shenne Nail polish

Hi there!
Tried one of the polishes I bought in Thailand. I really like the colour. I pained two coats as always and I found the coverage very good. I used my China Glaze base & coat and I can’t complain about the hold. Considering the price of 60 Baht for two I’m very satisfied with this one. Almost wish I bought one more bottle of the exact same colour. I will have to use it carefully so I don’t run out to quickly! 


Hi there!

Tonight I will show you another nail polish in my collection. This is my newest one, and I love it, the Isadora Holographic! It sparkles really nicely and you get a nice texture. The first time I wore it I could have it for five days straight without chipping. That’s really good considering how much I use my hands at work, with unpacking, getting clothes on hangers and so on. Thumbs up for the hold!

Further on I love the look. And not just me. I get a lot of compliments from both colleagues, friends and even costumers. I was talking to a girl at the cash disk while I was wrapping up her things, and she just grabbed my hand starting to feel the nails. She told me they were gorgeous and asked me where I get them done. She practically ran out from our store when I told her it was just nail polish and that she could buy it just next door.

The only thing that isn’t 100% is that it’s quite hard to get it to cover the nails as much as I want. The glitter gets stuck on the brush quite easily and won’t apply to your nail. With some practise and stubbornness it is possible though, an since it lasts that long I think it’s totally worth it.

Isadora Holographic in the color 872 Jet Setter

Sugar crush

I’m going to show you one of my favourite beauty products, all time! The Isadora’s Sugar Crush nail polish. I love the matt, yet sparkly effect. Wearing this I often get compliments from costumers in the store. On the picutre I’m using the colour 108 Wine crush. This goes along well with most of the clothes in my closet right now. It’s a sober colour that tones all the glitter down a bit. For a “wine” colour I could wish for a slightly more red tone, but I’m still loving it.

Isadora Sugar crush, colour 108 Wine crush

China Glaze

I love nail polish! I think it’s a great touch to an outfit and show some extra effort. Also it’s great when you need to relax, since you give yourself a reason to just sit down for a few minutes while you wait for the polish to dry. 
One of my favorit brands is China Glaze. Usually I can wear them for a few days before they begin to chip. I use the China Glaze First & Last base and top coat. It gives a nice shiny look and some extra hold to the polish. Right now I’m wearing a bright pink colour, inspired by the fact that I’m of to Thailand soon and almost can feel the summer already. The name of the shade, Escaping Reality, says alot about what I’m feeling right now as well. 
1195 Escaping reality (iPhone picture)
1195 Escaping Reallity (iPhone picture)