Time for reflections

The past few days has been an emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes thing happens in life that makes you stop for a while. When things that seemed like a distant story suddenly becomes a close reality.

I took a long walk today, with loud music in my ears. That’s the best way for me to sort things out. I’ve been obsessed with the thought of what I should do now. What I can do. Today I realized I can’t do anything. I can’t do anything about what happened. I can’t do anything to change what will happen, but to hope for the best. But even if I can’t do anything, I can learn something. I can learn that life is fragile. That anything can happen, when you least expect it. And not only to you, but to people around you.

What I want to learn is to appreciate the small things in life more. To show people around me that I appreciate them, and care about them. To learn to chose my fights, and don’t put to much negative energy on things that doesn’t really matter in the end. And I want to affect people. I don’t know how yet, but I want to make a good difference in peoples life. I know I’ll find my way.

9 thoughts on “Time for reflections

    • Thanks a lot! All bad leads to something good in the end. Sometimes all we need is an eye opener. Things are looking brighter than we could hope for already :) xx

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